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Instrument tray

Micro Surgical Sterilization Tray / Container includes base, lid and silicone insert.

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Key Benefits

Unique, “grid” system in all bases, trays and lids, makes it easy to install the mat or insert required to protect your delicate instruments properly.

All bases have pebble-type surface to keep mats from sticking to the bases during sterilization process.

Dimensions of each tray are designed to accommodate a variety of instrument sizes and shapes.

Features Overview

High Quality Material

Durable advanced designed tray Molded from General Electric’s ULTEM® resin, using mold flow analysis to guarantee product strength, structural integrity and extended life cycle

Sterilizable by all standard methods of sterilization (autoclave, steam, dry heat, chemical)


6.0″W x 10”L x .75”H and 6.0”W x 10”L x 1.5H”

Stackable Trays

Integral feet in bases and corner ridges on lids allow for easy and organized handling in autoclaves and storage

Flexible for You

Layout options to fit your centers needs. Finger-tip mats


Base, lid, and silicone insert


$99 for one
SKU # 6602 and 6603

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